A Beautiful Human

If you walk through an art museum, you’ll hear countless opinions on what people consider beautiful. A painting that one person believes is hideous may be considered another person’s masterpiece.

I’ve witnessed something similar as I’ve fought to end abortion. Many Americans look at a preborn baby as they do an inanimate piece of art. They falsely believe the baby’s beauty is a mere matter of opinion, with babies being considered “disposable” based on the parents’ whims and desires, and wrong information.

If a baby’s parents choose to give their child LIFE, then we celebrate their baby, recognizing the miracle and the worth of the human being grown inside the womb.

However, if a baby’s parents don’t want the child, or if the baby has physical challenges, then our culture does not believe that child is valuable, and it’s considered acceptable to take his or her life. The fact that the baby is a real live person is often lost in translation, as people prefer to use the terms tissue or clump of cells to describe this unique human life.

The problem with this perspective is that a human’s worth is not a subjective determination to be made by the parents or the culture. Rather, all human beings have an objective and inherent value determined by an all-powerful God. And that value is expressed in our nation’s founding documents—most notably, the Declaration of Independence, which declares that all people have certain unalienable rights, starting with the right to life.

Every single human being is beautiful and important. God made us that way and sees us as such at every step of our lives—from our conception to our gray hair and walking canes.

Human At Every Stage Of LifeNo one on earth has ever been you—or will ever be you. Imagine that. There are some 7 billion people on the planet today, and not one of them is just like you. From the beginning of mankind until the end of our existence, there will never be another you.

Every one of us is created in God’s image. He is the Master Artist who intricately knit us together in our mothers’ wombs. He knew our names before we ever existed, and He made specific plans for each of us long ago.

He put such loving care into our creation that He made our physical bodies and the Earth to be perfectly compatible. In his book Miracles, my friend Eric Metaxas describes the way countless variables are in place on Earth, which, when perfectly combined, miraculously allow for life to exist. For example, if water had a different density or temperature, or if the size of the Earth were bigger or smaller, then we wouldn’t be able to survive.

God allowed us to live—and thrive—and have dominion over the entire world. This immense love and privilege is unique only to humans. No animals, plants, rocks, or things have this kind of power.

However, along with these rights comes a responsibility to care for the world and the people who live in it.

We shouldn’t drive 150 miles per hour in a school zone. We shouldn’t steal from or murder our neighbor. And we shouldn’t presume to devalue the lives of an entire people group—especially to the point where we have their blood on our hands. When we do so, we raise ourselves up to a dangerous position as we try to think and act above our Creator and His right ways.

With abortion, many people arrogantly believe the mother’s life and choices are more important than her child’s basic right to live, exalting her life as we grossly undermine the baby’s and ultimately approve of his or her death.

But why is that?

When there are two humans involved who are both made, known, and loved by God, how can we determine that the mother is more important than the baby? How are they not equal in the sight of God?

Value is not determined by sizeJust because we can’t yet see the baby with the naked eye—just because the baby is not fully developed yet—that doesn’t negate or degrade the complete humanness, specialness, and the unalienable rights of this child.

As I wrote last week, a baby is the same person both inside and outside the womb. A baby has the same DNA, the same hands, the same feet, the same heart, the same mouth, and the same eyes as before he or she was born—just like you and I are the same people today with the same physical body and genetic makeup that we had inside the womb.

Human Coalition recognizes the beauty, unique identity, rights, and value of every preborn baby. As we look at the fuzzy image on the screen during an ultrasound, we see a human being…a person who in less than a year’s time will be smiling and playing with toys.

We work night and day to help rescue these babies from the horror of abortion.

Join us as we walk with expectant parents as they make a lifesaving decision for their precious babies.

Join us by praying in real time for abortion-determined parents to choose LIFE for their babies, by using our Human Coalition Prayer App.

Join us by visiting our HC Resource Center, gaining knowledge, and learning to speak out on the pro-life position with confidence, compassion, and correct information.

Together, we can make abortion unthinkable and unavailable in our lifetime, turning the tide from death to LIFE for these precious babies.

Please join us.