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Human: From the Inside Out

Thomas Jefferson said, “The care of human life and happiness, and not their destruction, is the first and only legitimate object of good government.”

Fast forward over two centuries, and our country looks nothing like Jefferson’s ideal.

I’ve been exploring what it means to be human recently. The abortion epidemic is, after all, centered on the erroneous belief that human life in the womb is somehow worth infinitely less than human life outside the womb. And our country’s devaluation of human life is based primarily on whatever our whims and whimsies are.

Every 25 seconds in America, an innocent human baby loses his or her life to abortion. That’s approximately 3,500 babies killed each and every day…all while our society sits idly by.

However, if these babies had already been born, the stories of their deaths would be completely different.

I wrote a few months ago about the way our society goes to great lengths to investigate the deaths of children outside the womb and to punish those responsible. We grieve these children and sometimes put new laws into place as a response, doing all we can to protect more little lives from being hurt or cut too short.

The outcomes for the born and pre-born are grievously inconsistent because there are two sets of rights in our country – one full set for those outside the womb, and another extremely minimal set for those inside the womb.

And yet, the human babies are the exact same people, no matter their stage of development. Looking at an embryo during an incredible 4D ultrasound, it is undeniable…

The body that we see moving around inside the womb is made up of the same DNA, same number of chromosomes, and same genetic makeup as it is outside the womb.

The heart that we hear beating started pumping only days after conception and is the same heart that will beat at birth.

The feet that we watch kick are the same feet that will kick a soccer ball in a few years.

The mouth is the same mouth that will one day smile at their mother and laugh at jokes.

Why do we so arrogantly declare that this beautiful baby – this tiny human being – is not important? Why do we create false thresholds of when this baby is considered human enough and physically developed enough to have the right to live and be protected under law?

We humans are endowed with special privileges from our Creator, but we don’t have the right to undermine the value of a whole group of people. And we certainly don’t have the right to kill them.

When we accept this as a normal part of society, we head down a twisted, foolish path. Even if we accept it out of naivety.

I have talked with many people who believe that abortion is a permanent fixture in our country. A blemish, but one that can’t be changed.

They are wrong.

Abortion can become unthinkable and unavailable in America.

It’s not a far-fetched idea or an unrealistic hope.

A look back into America’s history shows us how courage, love, and awareness can change public perception and stop injustice. From the freedom of the slaves and women gaining the right to vote, to the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s, our country is filled with examples of Americans successfully fighting – often times against the odds – for the rights of oppressed people.

I believe that abortion will be made unthinkable and unavailable in our lifetime, with people recognizing that all humans – pre-born and born – have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Human Coalition works tirelessly toward that end as we walk with women and men as they choose LIFE for their babies. But we can’t do this without you.

The oppressed in this fight for LIFE are silent. As they develop in the womb, they can’t speak up to defend themselves. They need our voice to show the world that they are not just “tissue” or a meaningless group of “cells,” but real human beings. They need us to demand their rights.

As we celebrate the National Sanctity of Human Life Day on Sunday, I ask that you join with us in being a voice for the pre-born. Together we will make a life-saving difference through taking a stand for what’s right.

We press forward to educate the masses that these human beings are made in God’s image and full of promise and purpose.

Humans who deserve our protection.
Humans who deserve legal rights.
Humans who deserve LIFE.
Be their voice.

A Beautiful Human

If you walk through an art museum, you’ll hear countless opinions on what people consider beautiful. A painting that one person believes is hideous may be considered another person’s masterpiece.

I’ve witnessed something similar as I’ve fought to end abortion. Many Americans look at a preborn baby as they do an inanimate piece of art. They falsely believe the baby’s beauty is a mere matter of opinion, with babies being considered “disposable” based on the parents’ whims and desires, and wrong information.

If a baby’s parents choose to give their child LIFE, then we celebrate their baby, recognizing the miracle and the worth of the human being grown inside the womb.

However, if a baby’s parents don’t want the child, or if the baby has physical challenges, then our culture does not believe that child is valuable, and it’s considered acceptable to take his or her life. The fact that the baby is a real live person is often lost in translation, as people prefer to use the terms tissue or clump of cells to describe this unique human life.

The problem with this perspective is that a human’s worth is not a subjective determination to be made by the parents or the culture. Rather, all human beings have an objective and inherent value determined by an all-powerful God. And that value is expressed in our nation’s founding documents—most notably, the Declaration of Independence, which declares that all people have certain unalienable rights, starting with the right to life.

Every single human being is beautiful and important. God made us that way and sees us as such at every step of our lives—from our conception to our gray hair and walking canes.

Human At Every Stage Of LifeNo one on earth has ever been you—or will ever be you. Imagine that. There are some 7 billion people on the planet today, and not one of them is just like you. From the beginning of mankind until the end of our existence, there will never be another you.

Every one of us is created in God’s image. He is the Master Artist who intricately knit us together in our mothers’ wombs. He knew our names before we ever existed, and He made specific plans for each of us long ago.

He put such loving care into our creation that He made our physical bodies and the Earth to be perfectly compatible. In his book Miracles, my friend Eric Metaxas describes the way countless variables are in place on Earth, which, when perfectly combined, miraculously allow for life to exist. For example, if water had a different density or temperature, or if the size of the Earth were bigger or smaller, then we wouldn’t be able to survive.

God allowed us to live—and thrive—and have dominion over the entire world. This immense love and privilege is unique only to humans. No animals, plants, rocks, or things have this kind of power.

However, along with these rights comes a responsibility to care for the world and the people who live in it.

We shouldn’t drive 150 miles per hour in a school zone. We shouldn’t steal from or murder our neighbor. And we shouldn’t presume to devalue the lives of an entire people group—especially to the point where we have their blood on our hands. When we do so, we raise ourselves up to a dangerous position as we try to think and act above our Creator and His right ways.

With abortion, many people arrogantly believe the mother’s life and choices are more important than her child’s basic right to live, exalting her life as we grossly undermine the baby’s and ultimately approve of his or her death.

But why is that?

When there are two humans involved who are both made, known, and loved by God, how can we determine that the mother is more important than the baby? How are they not equal in the sight of God?

Value is not determined by sizeJust because we can’t yet see the baby with the naked eye—just because the baby is not fully developed yet—that doesn’t negate or degrade the complete humanness, specialness, and the unalienable rights of this child.

As I wrote last week, a baby is the same person both inside and outside the womb. A baby has the same DNA, the same hands, the same feet, the same heart, the same mouth, and the same eyes as before he or she was born—just like you and I are the same people today with the same physical body and genetic makeup that we had inside the womb.

Human Coalition recognizes the beauty, unique identity, rights, and value of every preborn baby. As we look at the fuzzy image on the screen during an ultrasound, we see a human being…a person who in less than a year’s time will be smiling and playing with toys.

We work night and day to help rescue these babies from the horror of abortion.

Join us as we walk with expectant parents as they make a lifesaving decision for their precious babies.

Join us by praying in real time for abortion-determined parents to choose LIFE for their babies, by using our Human Coalition Prayer App.

Join us by visiting our HC Resource Center, gaining knowledge, and learning to speak out on the pro-life position with confidence, compassion, and correct information.

Together, we can make abortion unthinkable and unavailable in our lifetime, turning the tide from death to LIFE for these precious babies.

Please join us.

What is the value of human life?

The name “Human Coalition” was chosen to reflect our core belief that every human being is uniquely made in the image of God. Every human being has priceless value and unlimited potential regardless of the circumstances of their conception.

We are all humanThe word human denotes something so unique and so valuable that it is reserved for only one species: homo sapiens. In the created order, humans stand alone as the crowning expression of our Creator.

Humanity doesn’t begin the moment we are born or the second we take our first breath. Humanity begins at the moment of conception, when a sperm and an egg come together to form a zygote, which, according to Encyclopedia Britannica, is “a fertilized egg cell that results from the union of a female gamete (egg, or ovum) with a male gamete (sperm). In the embryonic development of humans and other animals, the zygote stage is brief and is followed by cleavage, when the single cell becomes subdivided into smaller cells.”

According to Human Development: The Span of Life, “In that fraction of a second when the chromosomes form pairs, the sex of the new child will be determined, hereditary characteristics received from each parent will be set, and a new life will have begun.”

Despite all the scientific evidence confirming what we know to be true about life in the womb, abortion supporters continue to devalue the preborn—from the zygote stage through the first few months of fetal development and, in many cases, even until the human is born. And in some cases, the disregard for human life continues beyond birth, as some people support legalized infanticide. Our society has devalued life in the womb to such a degree that about 3,000 preborn humans are killed every day in America through abortion. Indeed, no other segment of society has been stripped of their God-given rights to the extent that the preborn have. Preborn children are the most discriminated group in American history.

When we allow the wanton, rampant killing of the preborn, we are assaulting the one place that God designed to protect life at its most vulnerable stages—the womb. I recently read an article written by Pastor Mark Jones, senior minister of Faith Vancouver Presbyterian Church and author of Knowing Christ. His insight into how much God values the womb is incredible:

God also created the womb as the place from which he would bring people into the world for his Son (Colossians 1:16). When an unborn child is killed, it is not just a sin against God but also a sin against Christ’s glory. Why? Because that eternal soul will never have the opportunity to glorify Christ in this world.

Each abortion potentially robs Christ of an embodied, living worshiper — the kind God seeks to glorify both himself and his Son. Abortion is so wrong because it robs God of his highest prerogative in this world: a creature made in the image of Christ who worships God by the Spirit.

If there’s anything that should grieve us about abortion — and there are many things — it should be that Christ has been robbed of his glory.

We want children to have life. But more than that, we want children to have life in Christ — the life he came to offer by entering this world in the womb of a virgin.

This is a central fact for the pro-life Christian. We are human persons from the moment of conception, just as Christ was a human person from the moment of His conception. God clearly demonstrated that life in the womb is priceless, because He Himself came to earth through the womb.

It is certainly a disturbing, indeed a haunting truth that killing preborn children is, according to Pastor Jones, “tantamount to entering a safety zone created by God and ransacking the things he loves most.”

It’s ironic that our nation’s leaders have passed laws such as the Unborn Victims of Violence Act of 2004. (It’s also called “Laci and Conner’s Law” because it was named for Laci Peterson and her eight-month preborn son Conner, who were murdered in 2002 by Laci’s husband, Scott.) This controversial law makes it a crime to harm a fetus during an assault on a pregnant woman. And yet, every day the lives of an estimated 3,000 fetuses are snuffed out at the hands of an abortionist.

From the same lips we praise a woman’s unlimited access to abortion while we cheer the Unborn Victims of Violence Act that makes it a separate crime to kill or harm an unborn child during an assault on the mother.

This cultural double-mindedness is both fatal and nonsensical. And it’s one of the many reasons why Human Coalition is dedicated to not just rescuing children and serving families, but also educating the public about what it means to be human.

Later this month, I will share part three of my multipart blog piece about the Four Points of Proof for Life, discussing the value of life from a philosophical perspective. You can find my previous two blog pieces here, which dig deep into the biblical and scientific points of proof for life that provide the backdrop for our organization’s new name.

You can also learn more here about Human Coalition and our mission to honor the dignity of every human life by rescuing children and serving families. As always, I appreciate your thoughts and feedback regarding my blog pieces, so please don’t hesitate to respond in the comments.

* Lawrence B. Finer and Stanley K. Henshaw, “Disparities in rates of unintended pregnancy in the United States, 1994 and 2001,” Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health, 2006, 38(2): 90–96.

Impossible. Difficult. DONE.

It’s been an adventurous week for me. This is my busiest travel season, and I’m becoming well acquainted with plane seats once again. My trip to Atlanta to visit an inner city ministry partner was wonderful. Waking up to find bullet holes in the passenger window of our rental car? Not so much. We’ll try a different hotel next time.

I’m now heading back to Dallas after a brief trip to Pennsylvania, where I spoke at a large church in the Philly area. Whenever I have the chance to talk to a large group about the sanctity of life, wonderful people come up to me afterward with words of encouragement, great questions, and, many times, amazing stories.

This time was no different. Several families told me about their heart for children with special needs, some of whom have adopted multiple such children. One woman said she adopts children who are terminally ill. Wow. I also heard stories of families who rejected abortion and chose life for their children despite challenging physical and economic circumstances. And I heard a few stories from men and women who chose abortion. Although they’ve accepted the forgiveness of Jesus Christ, they all acknowledged that the pain of having made that decision stays with them to this day.

One elegant woman came up and asked me about abortion and politics. She spoke with a heavy German accent. She told me she was born in Russia in the early ’40s but was raised in Germany. Though she was a little girl during World War II, she knew the realities of war, fascism, and a government gone mad. Her concern for this upcoming presidential election was pronounced and deep. She kindly asked my opinion of the candidates and how a pro-life Christian should handle such a divisive and bizarre campaign season. I gave her my perspective, but, frankly, she has a far more comprehensive view of government and politics than I do. Plus, she had personal experience during a period of history that we hope never to repeat.

Human Coalition is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and the core of our work is reaching abandoned, hurting, single pregnant women who are considering abortion. Our mission is to reach them and bring them into a system of compassionate care so they choose life for their baby and experience a personal transformation. As such, we engage in virtually no politically related work. Additionally, the government has various rules and regulations that restrict how a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization may engage in the political process—something which I think is an awful government overreach and a clear attempt to silence nonprofits. But that topic is for another time.

I’ll make a few points about abortion and its relation to politics. Read them through and then add your thoughts in the comments section of the blog. I’d love to hear from you.

Too many Christians believe abortion is a political issue. Abortion is not a political issue, and it cannot be solved through political means. Abortion is a spiritual issue, and it must be ended through Christ-followers. Christians constantly wring their hands while they bemoan this elected official or that, wondering why politicians betray preborn children and their families after making pro-life promises during their campaigns.
Seriously? Are we still surprised that politicians lie? Folks, although the Democratic Party clearly espouses and pushes abortion rights, and considers it a key portion of their plank, the Republican Party has a long history of waffling and equivocation concerning pro-life legislation. The Republicans have had opportunities to overturn Roe v. Wade, or at least make great gains in pro-life legislation. Yet they have invariably caved.
Though there have been great gains in pro-life legislation in various states, the federal government remains a pro-death institution intent on supporting Planned Parenthood and using our tax dollars to kill hundreds of thousands of children a year. Good grief, Planned Parenthood got caught selling baby parts last year, and the Feds still didn’t budge! Instead, with brutal regularity they betray our Constitution, the American people, and those they’ve sworn to protect. Republicans have had control of the executive and legislative branches in years past, and we are still killing a million babies a year.
If you are leaning on or hoping the federal government will solve the abortion epidemic—stop it. They won’t. They don’t have the backbone. Pray for them.
Does this mean individuals should stop engaging in the political process? Of course not. The wonderful pro-life gains made in various states are because courageous men and women engage in the political process.
However, laws follow culture. Politics is not a leading indicator; it is a lagging indicator. If we want to see laws changed, then we must change the culture first. And we change the culture one heart, one mind at a time.
Abortion can be ended in America in one generation. Roe v. Wade can be overturned, but only after our culture is changed. One sustained push of the Church can finish the job. Who must lead the charge?
Christian men.
Men, we are responsible for the legalization of abortion in America. We are responsible for its persistence. We are responsible for 60 million dead babies and the destruction of the family. And, men, we have the power to stop this silent holocaust.

I wrote a book a few years ago called Abortion: The Ultimate Exploitation of Women. The book was hard for me to write, and it’s not easy for people to read.

If you are a man reading this post, I want you to buy the book. And I assure you that 100% of the proceeds will go to Human Coalition to help save babies and families from abortion. I have no book deal and receive no financial compensation for any book sales.

Men, you need to read this book. Get educated and get engaged. Stand in the gap. Protect our children; protect women. Protect our country. It’s time to step up and be the warrior God made you to be.

Ladies, I also want you to buy the book, read it, and then give it to the men in your life. The millions of women who trumpet abortion as a woman’s right are touting their own demise. You need to learn about America’s abortion history—you need to see how your gender has been trampled on, lied to, and exploited. You need to get angry and then get involved. And you need to partner with men to end America’s worst tragedy.

Concerned about this election? Me too. However, regardless of the conduct of our government, we are going to keep on rescuing children and families from abortion. And we will do so with passion, commitment, and—because of God’s grace—increasing success. Though politicians will continue to betray us, we will not betray the American family. We will not betray our Savior.

So let’s commit together to stop complaining about politics and corrupt politicians. Let’s come together, link arms, and change our culture, one heart at a time.

Hudson Taylor, a famous missionary to China in the 19th century, said there are three stages to every work of God: Impossible, Difficult, Done.

Let’s get it done.

Abortion is not really about choice.

A few weeks ago, I spoke in Atlanta to announce Human Coalition’s expansion there and our new partnership with City of Refuge, one of the finest, transformative inner-city ministries I’ve ever seen. It was an exciting evening spent with friends and partners, marking a new day for our cooperative lifesaving efforts in Georgia.

Our adventure in Atlanta officially kicked off on December 1. According to Human Coalition’s analysis, Atlanta is the seventh-most abortion-dense city in America. Human Coalition now operates a pro-life women’s care clinic in the downtown area, and it serves as the base of operations for our abortion-ending strategy. Our team has already reported to me a drastic increase in abortion-determined women coming into our clinic, seeking our help. Praise God!

As I think about how God continues to expand our work across the country, I am once again reminded how socially and spiritually destructive abortion is, and how we MUST be diligent to do as Scripture commands: “Deliver those who are being taken away to death, and those who are staggering to slaughter” (Proverbs 24:11 NASB).

In the context of abortion, we obviously think of its primary victim, the preborn baby, being carried away to slaughter. It is ironic that the pro-life movement is often criticized for “only caring about the baby.” The pro-life Church should make no apology for focusing on the baby, as almost 60 million of them have lost their lives to abortion since Roe v. Wade. It’s the greatest holocaust in American history. Do we criticize emergency rooms for ignoring patients in physical therapy? Do we condemn fire departments for not helping to rebuild houses destroyed by fire? Of course not. Emergency room personnel and our brave firefighters are focused on rescuing lives when we need them most. The pro-life movement is no different—we focus on the lives at risk of being murdered.

However, Human Coalition’s mission is to rescue children by compassionately serving their mothers. We are, in many ways, a transformative outreach for single, abandoned, rejected, pregnant moms. And our goal is to make abortion unthinkable and unavailable by making it unnecessary. We make it unnecessary by reaching more and more hurting women, and rescuing their children from abortion by bringing these women into our system of care.

Why are so many women in these dire circumstances? Because far too many men are selfish, arrogant, and immature. My gender has a long history of using women as we see fit, then turning on them and throwing them to the curb when they no longer serve us.

Human Coalition has served thousands of women over the past several years. And the majority of these women are not making an independent choice to have an abortion. They are pressured to abort by key relationships in their lives—oftentimes by a male: a husband, a boyfriend, a father.

It’s a pretty simple (and profoundly evil) pathway: a man uses a woman for his sexual pleasure, gets her pregnant, and then pressures her to abort her child… his child. He pressures her actively or passively. He may demand she get an abortion. Or she may ask him what he thinks she should do, and he gives a passive (and deadly) response: “I’ll support whatever you decide, babe.”

So while the pro-life Church is focused on rescuing the child from death, we do so through rescuing the mother. We do so by redefining manhood; encouraging men to be the warriors, protectors, and providers they are destined to be.

This is why a comprehensive abortion-ending solution is necessary. Our six-phase approach (which includes marketing outreach, our Contact Center, pro-life women’s care clinics and pregnancy centers, our Continuum of Care program, church outreach, and our legal team) addresses the child, mother, father, and Church. Planned Parenthood may have a massive budget and the media on its side; but Human Coalition is rescuing families from abortion at an ever-increasing pace, and growing in key cities across the country.

The culture of death is now dying. If you haven’t done so already, join our team and become part of a life-giving, historic coalition that is advancing the Gospel and a culture of life—one precious baby, one wonderful family at a time.